Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life isn't Over

This week is like Hella!I'm tired of being super sticky sweet.That's a major double-faced person.I'm sick being pissed all the time and i'm super sick of you!

Of course hari-hari aq kt mktb mkin disaster.I have a major homeroom crisis,i've been kick out from the student displinary council candidates.What's more?Nasib baek this week dpt blk,law x,mmg aq da lme meraung dlm blk.I'm thanking all my frens for making my worst day not too worst.N now,phone aq lak yg rosak!*WTF?*Sumpa aq benci gler tyme phone rosak.Bru 2 thn gne.

I don't know what to write bcuz i'm to pissed!
I'm out!

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