Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Story when I Cried

Act,i used to have a boyfie.He's nice,great and of coz,i love him.We've been together like 6 months and 15 days when suddenly i had the guts to break with him.I mmg x sgke pun jd cmni but after what we've been through,i da x sggup.Mlm tu,i mnx break dgn u and u ckp u x ksh.But, what happened the next day?U maki i kn??dulu u sndri ckp u mmg x sggp nk mrh i tp how did u do that to me??Senang2 je u maki i.U ungkit psl 'kebaikan' u.U buat air mata i mengalir mlm tu.And i terpkse story kt abg i psl kte.That moment,i just thought,"Mgkin u mmg da x syg i lg..".And that's the end of us.I mnx break sbb i hate demanded person.Even boyfie i skalipun,i x ske.And yet,my life jadi messy and otak i pun da berselerak.U know how hard utk jge hati org laen without jge hati sndri?That's how i felt at that tyme.I pun pk yg having a bf ni buang mse i je.I have PMR next year and i live in boarding school.So,it's hard.I rse i lbh rela having NO boyfie and have a lot of friends that includes abg i.So itu life i kn?And i thought that ur different kind of boy.Tp i sdr,u lg tua dri i and u pun da hbs sklh.We're not equal in ife.And btw,



Firdaus said...

lek balaz dendam?jadi laa player.*jhat dow ak niyh.

Syiqin said... ur dreams la klau aq jd player.