Sunday, April 25, 2010

tagg from intanyusrina =)

Let me start,

a-available :nope
b-birthday:7th june
c-crushing on:it starts with letter A
d-drink you last had:mango
e-easiest person to talk to:nurul insyirah-my sis-
f-favourite song:fifteen
g-gummy bears or gummy worms:definitely gummy bears!
h-hometown:batu pahat,johor
i-im love with:taylor laurtney (:
j-junggle:tracking would be nice
k-killed someone:definite never!
l:longest car ride:long journey to Kedah
m-milkshake flavour:chocolate
n-number of siblings:4
o-one wish:to be a successful neurologist
p-person you called last:kamarul,my brother
s-song you last heard:baby
t-time you woke up this morning:8.30 a.m
u-underwear colour/pattern:should i told u guys?
v-vegetables:i eat certain type only (:
x-x-ray you've had:before entering mrsm
y-yoyos are:fun and annoying
z-zodiac sign:gemini :D

about you

spell ur name without vowels:nblh syqn shr
last favourite coluors:rainbows!
what are you listening to:taylor swift
are you happy with your life now:nope
what is your favourite class in school:history,mathematics,bahasa
are you outgoing:not really
favourite pair of shoes:everlast and hush puppies
where do you wish you were at this time:at a very wonderfull dream


can you dance:not really
can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth:never try it
can you whistle:of course not
can you talked to your curls toed:a's funny though


do you believe there is a life on other planets:yes.yes i do (:
do you belive in could happen,rite?
do you know how to swim:not much :D
do you like roller coster:yes,so much!

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