Tuesday, November 23, 2010

As I told u, that was the most stupid thing to do

Hey. Actually, last night I made a very very stupid decision. I was confessing to him about what I fell. U know what? That was truly embarrassing! I mean, a girl confessing that she like a boy ? whoaaa! That’s pretty non-girly like. Then it got worst. He text me back but I had this feelings that he’s taken. And surely does! He is TAKEN by a very lucky girl J

Hmm, that was humiliating yet frustrating. I know I don’t hope much but that’s what u get when ur late and when u have too much scandals on gossips!

To you, yess awk lah!

Sory again for last night. I was not thinking properly. Mybe I have a damaged cell up here. Well, thanx for being a good friend of mine. That was a sweet memory for me. Hope u will be happy with ur gf. U know what, she’s lucky to have u. and may we be FRIENDS FOREVER. Okay?

“Loving someone is hard, but forgetting them is really tough. I was so stupid to like a boy who was taken for a few weeks. That was a jerk! So,reminders, if u like somebody, u should tell them. Don’t be so unsure because it is a painful situation to know that he’s taken.”

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