Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Countdown ;D

Selamat Malam bloggies !

Okie, tomorrow result PMR keluar. Semestinye jantung dah dup dap dup dap neyy.
Agak-agak mcam mane lah result kteorg ye ? Aiyooo

Semua senior dengan cikgu suruh relax, chill and etc lah. haha. boleh boleh. nak chill tapi makin menggigil ade lah !haha. Bak kata Cikgu Hazrat Ismail sy;

"It is not failure itself that people fear, it is the possible consequences of failure. Preparing to accept those consequences and viewing failure as a learning experience that will bring you closer to success, will not only help you to conquer the fear of failure, but help you to appreciate failure itself"

Insyaallah 8A. AMIN ! Goodluck for me :) and the others okayyy.

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