Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I always know that people are different in anyway

Hey readers!

Gosh! This day ain’t got worst! Today my brother saw my so-called-aunt Hara ( she’s younger than me, so its awkward to called her “makcik” anyway) at Disney Channel. My TokCik would be so proud of her. I guess. . well, she’s going to go to much further for a girl that have ended primary school. She’s 12, btw. And her dreams are going to be a model or an actress someday. Like Elfira Loy or something. Whoaaa! What a dream, cousin! She’s going to act in Waktu Rehat, which btw, my favourite teen show for Bahasa. Guees im gonna see her often.

Then my cousin Fikri told me about he’s being busted for texting in class. Haha. He told me that his phone would be grounded or something. Poor Azim! My days would be bored without texting him. No more social gossips or something. And his camp will ended a few days before PMR results. That’s a long time u know.

Well, I like my life anyway. Texting, surfing the net, watch back-to-back twilight saga and reading the novels. It’s like having my personal room for myself. So, better get going. My mum wants me to go to Tok Imah’s kenduri or something this evening. Bloggg u guys later! Daaaaa~

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