Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tag from Aina Farhana

once you've been tagged, you supposed to write a note with 100 truth about you. at the end choose 25 people to be tagged.
tagged means : i'm interested in knowing what your 100 truth are.

sounds scary rite?


1.real name : Nabilah Asyiqin Ashari
2.nickname : Syiqin, Neb, Nebby, Eqin *tak kisah la mne2 pun
3.zodiac sign : Gemini
4.male or female : Female
5.elementary school :SIGS, SK TAMAN KOTA JAYA, SKTM (1)
6.high school : HIGH SCHOOL KLUANG andd MRSM MUAR : * not been there yet colour : of course black
9.tall or short : i am 155 cm. so, i consider that as a medium tall ;D
10.sweat or jeans : preffered jeans more or camera : absolutely both ! freak : not really =.= or apple : i LIKEEE apples you have a crush on someone : ouh, sure. i do or drink : both of them are important
16.piercings : sorry, no wayy !
17.pepsi or coke : pepsi MAX

Have you ever ?

18.been in an airplain : yeah. a long long time ago
19.been in relationship : yes. but it's ended
20.been in car accident : nope
21.been in fist fight : i guess so

First and last :

22.first household chores : do the dishes
23.first best friend : that would be Nur Faziera in kindergarden. but now, we've been lost contact
24.first award : at 5. i got 1st place in class
25.first crush : * sensored Q
26.first word : ma :)
27.first section : hmmmm, i dont really know
28.last person you talked in phone : my brother IQBAL
29.last person you text : my fianceee, HANI. *haha. i'm not lesbo. pleaseeee
30.last person you watched a movie with : my family
31.last food you ate : nasi beriani
32.last movie you watched : Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah. it was soooo stupid =.= "
34.last song you listen to : Back to december by Taylor Swift
35.last thing you bought : my specs !
36.last person you hugged : syira ! my lil sister

Favourite : : steaks
38.drink : orange juice
39.bottoms : jeans : carnations :)
41.animal : hmm, rabbit ?
42.colour : pink,purple,white andd blue : TRON Legacy
44.subject : Math and History

(put an x in the bracket if yes)

45.celabrate halloween [ ]
46.had heart broken [ x ]
47.had someone questions my sexual orientation [ ] pregnant [ ]
49.had an abortion [ ]
50.did something i regret [ x ]
51.broken a promise [ ]
52.hide a secret [ x ]
53.pretend to be happy [ x ]
54.met someone who changed your life [ ]
55.pretend to be sick [ ]
56.left the country [ ]
57.try something you normally wouldn'try and like it [ x ]
58.cried over the silliest thing [ x ]
59.when to the beach with your best friend [ ] into an argument with your best friend [ x ]
61.hated someone [ x ]
62.single for a whole year [ x ]

currently :
63. eating : cereals
64.drinking :mineral water
65.listening to : every single BIG TIME RUSH songs
66.sitting or laying : sitting
67.plan for today : watching tv
68.waiting : my dinner ;D

your future :

69.want kids : of course i do !
70.want to get married : yeah : a doctor. in neurology

which is more attractive (choose one) :

72.lips or eyes : eyes.
73.shorter or taller : taller
74.romantic or spontaneous : romantic
75.nice stomach or nice arms : hmmmmmm
76.hook-up or relationship : * dont think about either of that
77.looks or personality : personality

have you ever :

78.lost glasses/contacts : nope
79.snuck out of a house : nope
80.held a gun/knife for a defense : no, i guess
81.killed somebody : nope
82.broken somebody heart : *sensored Q
83.been in love : * errrgh =.=
84.cried when someoned died : yes

do you believe in :

85.yourself : i do
86.miracles : yeah at first sight : nope
88.heaven : yes!
89.santa claus : Nope
90.superstition : no
91.kiss on the first date : no wayyyy

truthfully : there one person you want to be with right now ? yes. my bffs you know who your real friends are ? yess i do you believe in god ? of course i am at 100 % truth ? yup

5 more ?

96. i love my family, my friends and myself
97.i'm head over heels to BIG TIME RUSH
98. i want to meet AVAN JOGIA
99. i want to get 10 A ++ for SPM. AMIN !
100. i just met my old friends

okayyyy. -the end-

p/s; soryy. nak tag 2 orang je;

RAZLINA RAZAK andd ALIA. again guys ;)

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