Sunday, July 31, 2011

The day after tomorrow

it's pathetic coz i am missing my blogging hype. so life was okayy back then in tgb. there's a lot going on but the past is the past right ? let's move to new gossips :) haha

so, i got to add more and more friends thanks to tgb. it was great and fun. got a havoc-ing classmate and of coz my bff. i had aiman and ayman to cheer me up in class. jannah my gossip garl and ilove 403 :D

last week we got this activity week thingy which was not as superb as in muar but i do enjoy myself. especially the ENIGHT. memang oohemjayyy when the dance part. haha. boys form 4 dah tunjuk taring la weyy. they all can be fun and dancey. woo~ woo~ then the incidious movie. seriously sangat frightening sampai aku dah terjerit-jerit sebelah zeda. but tu tak tengok lagi zeda camne. andd ada jualan kelab minat. alhamdulillah, the sales were crazy! seronok sebab untung and dapat pegang cash $_$ hahahaha :)

sedar tak sedar, the week is over and it's time to go home. me likey :) and the best part, okayyyy. ni gossip ; ada orang tegur before balik. yeeeehaaaa ! terkejut pun ada sampai aku rasa otak da tak betul by that time. gosh nebb, first time doe, first time. and we had be friends since that moment. thankyou mister ^_^

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