Saturday, August 20, 2011

Action comes out loud

Pejam celik pejam celik , it’s 20 ramadhan already. Almost a month I’m fasting here in a new place. Alhamdulillah , everything went okay. My life had been better each day. Thankyou my friends, without each one of you , I would know nothing.
Last week we all dapat balik muar for the weekend. Seriously I am so happy to be back. Having ramadhan there even its for 2 days. Sayang sangat coz ramai balik rumah time tu. Yelah , semua orang busy , we all pun bagi late notice nak balik sana. At least , we’re back. And I felt good about it. Prep dengan jia , iftar dengan ex zamrud and miss noer. Pegi bazaar dengan dorang then had a sleepover for a night. Lepak dekat pum until we’re almost the last one there. Cool kan ? thank you muar, it is a memorable thing going there. Intan, sayang you tak ada last week..
Then back to tgb. Time flies really fast. Tak caye ? then try kira bape hari lagi raya. Cepat kan ? lagi seminggu je. And lagi 4 hari nak balik rumah. Gosh , I miss home. Nyway, school rocks. My friends rocks. Homeworks je tak rock. Haha. Siapa cakap you’re going to be bored ? I had a good life. Actually, there is so much to share. So many things here and there. Rindu pulak nak post entry banyak banyak like dulu.
But there is one thing, ada orang cari aku balik. That person text m e after a long month. Tak memasal org tu call. I was like , “ what now ?”. it’s been months okay , and I had try to forget it. Cakap nak move on with life kan ? so, I’m going to move on but idk what’s wrong with that person. To be frank, I am so afraid to fall again. You know what fall I mean right ? grhhh ==” confused lah macam ni. Ouhh , help me people !
Okayyyyy, got to move people. Aku tau aku online dalam dorm secara ***** . haha. It’s life , what can I do ? so, I tak mandi lagi and I got lots to do. And I really need to go. Update ya later !

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