Friday, August 26, 2011

Iftar with DRAMAMATES :)

Hye hye and hyeeeee ,

The drama team had our iftar together recently and it was awesome. Even with the last-minute thingy and the all the ‘but’s’ from the members, we still had a great night. Don’t you agree , guys ?

The unforgettable moment was when we need to break our fast first by eating pretzels sponsored by miss miza before we eat our dinner. It was quit enjoying as I do enjoy myself. After the appetizers, we had our maghrib prayer and we bumped into mantan bwp’s there. Omg isn’t it ?

Then we rushed to pizza hut to see if the place is empty or not. Luckily, it’s empty an dwe had our dinner there. I was guilty for eating to many food that night. And I asked harir and faidz to finished my pasta because I’m full by that time. Heeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^

Anyway, it was a great time for us since we’re no longer can hangout like before. I hope there’s more trip to come guys !! thanks for the hangout :D iloveyou all

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