Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a great movie to watch :D

aNoTHeR CiNDeReLLa sToRy

This movie is a retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale, with Mary Santiago (Selena Gomez) taking the role of Cinderella; Dominique Blatt (Jane Lynch) taking the role of the stepmother; Britt (Emily Perkins) and Bree (Katharine Isabelle) as the two stepsisters; and Joey Parker (Drew Seeley) now a famous celebrity that has returned to school for his senior year. The role of the glass slippers is now filled by an MP3 player.

-"Tell Me Something I Don’t Know"
Selena Gomez
-"New Classic"
Drew Seeley, Selena Gomez
-"Hurry Up & Save Me"
Tiffany Giardina
-"Just That Girl"
Drew Seeley
-"Bang A Drum"
Selena Gomez
-"1st Class Girl"
Marcus Paulk, Drew Seeley
-"Hold 4 You"
Jane Lynch
-"Valentine’s Dance Tango"
The Twins
-"No Average Angel"
Tiffany Giardina
-"Don’t Be Shy"
Small Change,
Lil' JJ, Chani
-"X-Plain it to My Heart"
Drew Seeley
-"New Classic" (Live Performance)
Drew Seeley, Selena Gomez
-"Another Cinderella Story" (Score Suite)
John Paesano
-"New Classic"
Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez
*yg bold 2 antara lgu2 yg best!*

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