Saturday, January 24, 2009

life is complicated

i wish my life won't be so boring and it is full with colours like that picture.but i'm very gratefull that at least my life are not so bad at all.i have the greatest,bestest and most loving friends ever!i swear!they are the best and thanks a lot to my really loving frens who have been shining the days of my life.they who are willing to give me hopes,who cheer me up when i'm crying,for believing in me,for taking me as who i am,as the person who i can trust to.i'm also happy that all the 'cupid' work had been a success!but actually,life is COMPLICATED.

the complicated list of me:
-believing in myself
well,i just hope that my life still ok n of coz i will give the credits to all of them:
sis fawa
sis dali
sis ayin
*thx guys sooo much!imy guys!

the gurl who lurve them:D


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farah wahidah said...


jus wanna say thanx ya my dear..