Sunday, January 25, 2009

so much bout them <3

intan:she's my hunn.lurve her soooo much!she's a bit naughty,but hey,that's how girls do.i'm happy bout her life n yea,she's my sis.always luv u dear:D

jia:my bestest fren n sis.she's one crazy gurl..haha.dont be mad at me coz i luv u too hunn:)

tasha:she's my sis too although she's 4 month older than me.she's nice n sometimes,i bullied her a lot.well,that's nothing bcuz we are sisters!

kamarul:my bestest fren n someone that i can share my problems too.he's really nice,caring n understands me well.hey,thx for all the talking n all the help that u give me.anyway,i always appreaciate u.

asraf:he's my closest fren.he's nice n i can get really well with him.hey,thx for being with when i'm bored.

sis fawa:she's the greatest!lurve her damn much!she's a caring n understanding sister for me.thx sis:)

sis dali:always there for me.lurve u to sis.imy!

sis ayin:thx for being a great sis.i will never forget u,my dearest sis:D

hey,soooooooo much to talk but so little time..
the one who misses u all,

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farah wahidah said...

masih ade yg syg..