Friday, December 3, 2010

It comes closer to the edge

Hello, PEEPSSS !

Hey, I just remember. Today is 3 DECEMBER right? Means there are 20 days more before the Ministry of Education announce the PMR results.Oh yes, I’m truly scared to death! It’s my future that I am scared of. 8A’S baby! I want to strive that! Gosh! This is really pumping. All my nerve cells are going to burst out on 23 DECEMBER. It is SUPER DUPER DEATHLY SCARY!

I don’t know how my expression will be or my parents but I hope it will be a SWEET SUCCESSFUL HAPPY ENDING! AMIN! May ALLAH bless us all and give us STRAIGHT 8A’S. AMIN!

I hope that on that FREAKING DAY, the news will make our hearts beats slower that today. And we will jumping up and down and cried cheerfully. And not to forget, WE WILL SCREAM OUT LOUD! Hoorayyy!

Well, it is really exciting! I guess I need to start my ENGLISH VOCBULARY because I want to take an extra subject for SPM which means, 10A. I want to go to US and further my studies in medical science. I guess I’ll have to stop right about now. SAYONARA readers !

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