Friday, December 10, 2010

A job is never more tiring

Hello :)

I am sooooooooooooo tired! Early in the morning my mum wake me up and i was a bit slow at that time. I have only think about Edward Cullen that moment. And then i grab my phone and yeah, it was 6.25 a.m. So i dashed to my bathroom, took a refreshing shower and do my Subuh prayer. Then i was still wandering what to wear. So i just grab my long sleeve plain shirt and wore my raindow shawl. But i've change into a black shawl coz my brothers say the rainbow shawl was horrible! Gosh! I was, "Whatttt ?" So, i took 2 minutes to change that and i almost ran to porch. haha :D

Then we went to MITC,Melaka because there are "Satu Daerah Satu Industri" showcase which, my dad was involved. Truly, i am very bored to se all the state stalls and decorations and NO FUN :( So i just wandering aroud with my mum and at the same time, texting my cousin. My brother had to be a non-professional photographer because my dad's office photographer was nowhere to be seen. So Iqbal just following that like some fussy PAPARAZZI. haha. It was funny to see him btw.

And then i'm back to Tangkak. Another meeting for my dad and another boring time for me. I', so regret coz i was going to bring my New Moon but then i was late and my book was under my bed. ohhh! It's so not me. I spent the rest of my time texting and online until i saw my battery level. It was beyond critical! I think today is a worst day! After muar, back to batu pahat and ended up home at 7.10 p.m. Mannn! This is tiring! I am so not going to follow dad aroud, again >.<"

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