Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Closer to the edge

ouhhh tgb :( guess it's time to go back to maktab. gosh , i dont know what will happen there. well try to make tgb your home dear . muar tetap muar . andd i still love muar <3

to mummy pka yana , never stop missing you babe . have faith , you can face everything . forget the bullshitty thingy . anything , just hit me with a text okayy ? take care .

to troz , ramadhan would not be the same for us again . i miss the serving and tudung saji warna warni . and of course the kecoh just before buke . guys , stay strong . ingat memories kte 6 sem lalu . i miss you

to muarians , i do miss all of you especially everyone yang aku rapat . boyfriends aku sume . hope we can meet again and hopefully kalau jump korang tak rase janggal . aku sayng korang . tak penah tak letak korang kat hati ney :)

so , it's time to say goodbye. hopeffully there would be better life in tgb. amin.. so long bloggers !

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shikin ahmad said...

to troz tu pling sdih :(( rndu nk bke dgn kw..men cop2 ayam..