Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A W K W A R D moments

Assalamualaikum :)
* please answer , tak jawab dosa tawwww. haha

Syawal has arrive. and it's early you know. tahun ni 29 hari je puasa. suppose to be 30 days but dah raya, nak buat camne kan. this year macam biasa, balik kampung early in the morning of 1 syawal. picturing and camwhoring dekat rumah after sembahyang raya and the salam salam session. tahun ni my family wearing red. aha, cool kan ? tapi not that striking gilaa punya red. soft sikit dari that red. and in addition, we'll wear purple for tomorrow :D

so, today was practically okayy. having the first syawal like always. actually i am eager for tomorrow coz maktok will make a barbeque fiesta and yeah, my cousins are there. it would be AWESOME !

anyway, i'm a bit awkward at maktok's house. well, azim is there, of course. it's A W K W A R D you know. i try so hard to say a bit 'hi' to him but it seems that he didnt bother. why azim ? i'm sorry for what happened but i try to make it easy for us. we're cousins, infect, your my brother. why it is so hard to be closed like before ? i really miss last january, at your house. we were closed that moment and i really miss talking to you, cuz. aunty rinn had no rights to separate us. we need to T A L K, pleaseee ='(

hmm, it's complicated kan ? susah kalau kita dapat mak yang tak memahami or in this case, aunty yang tak open minded langsung. i'm not going to marry azim, thankyou. i pun ada boyfriend lah * err, ada ke ? tengok lah, lepas spm i ajak azim keluar dengan cousins and my friends. no denial, aunty !

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