Monday, September 12, 2011

The abnormalities of tgb

assalamualaikum :)

hello hello . still blogging in my precious room. busan actually. anyway, my roomates ajak fly prep malam ni but i don't think i could make it. i can easily rasa bersalah you know. and fyi, i got a lot of homeworks. tak sentuh pun minggu ni. so, i'm going to prep. pagi tadi we had our special edition of inspection. they called it inspection raya. awesome gilaaa kot pagi tadi. blom e sangat meriah with decorations and we , aspurians wore baju kurung. haha. memang pelik but it's fun. so, here's a few pictures. more to go on facebook next week :)

this is the drama yang budak budak ni buat. 
seriously, memang dorang jadi tugu negara !

meet dayana , emc and former jaksa.
she's promoting kuih tart to everyone. haha :)

this is my room and roomates, EA-11 bebehh <3

meet aima, the LDP yang incharge check blok e.
btw, she got a lot of kuih raya from blok e members. haha

zahidah with syahira, ea-25 :)

seriously, dorang sangat excited for this decorations.

a very patriotik performance from wing 2. cheers !

my dearest kak sabrina najihah ashari. see, our
father's name are the same !

pictures worth a thousand words :)
blok e members after the raya inspection.

well, that's all for this entry. more entry ahead ! xoxo 

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