Saturday, September 10, 2011

Raya in tunghafar 'BIEBER' ? lol !

Assalamualaikum people !

i'm writing this entry live in mrsm tgb, ea-11 my precious room :) well, being back in school is awesome. rindu 403 actually. but the homeworks are killing the students ! especially me. well, behind those dark hours, there are still light. what da heck i'm crapping ? haha. talking about the jamuan raya lah. not that awesome sangat but it was fun. i had fun with my friends. we had thousands of laughter and a lot of satay. pictures describe everything, and help yourself to enjoy this ;

 So this is mr president, shahrul giving duit raya to ay. *placingggg*

 this is my gf's. haha. 
from left, fida,mirza, me *shawl look karazeee*,jannah *our laughter boost*

 me and jannah . ay cakap we all kembar. *is it ?*

 this is firdaus and of coz, incik nabil. *nabil had decrease his blur-ness* 
congrats bro !

 me and brother ay :) *ay is soooo comel*

 few of the 403's bf . hahaha :D
from left, oya,us,nabil,abdil,ay and afnan

 nabil and hizwan *act, hizwan maybe sesat or something* 
haha. lol !

 aiman azizan and muaaa, me ! haha :D 
*gilaaa scandalious -.-"

the oya yang very comel with neb yang comel gak :)

so, what do you think about the pictures ? nampak macam awesome je but our legs hurt like hell. yelah, duduk bersila, bersimpuh atas carpet. mana tak sakit kan ? thank goodness our spot dekat belakang. so, we had a lot of spaces to move around and conquer. muahahahaha. our location situated between 414 and 413.    and i think we were more bising than them. cuba bayangkan oya makan 2 cucuk satay within 2 seconds ? gilaa tak gilaa kan. so, that's oya. haha. well, i'll update more news later. so longggggggg ^_^

p/s : pray for me, people. i want to go to Bangkok, Thailand !!!!

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